MEDIUM Molten Glass on Natural Wood, Unique, One of a kind, house plant, recycled glass, zen garden, fish bowls or floating candles


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Melted Glass on Wood, crafted by hand from recycled glass and Balinese Gamal wood. This stunning, molten art glass vase brings the best of two worlds together: natural and hand-made; earthy and chic; practical and spiritual.

The glass is hand-blown and while still hot it is then relaxed over a piece of Gamal root, the glass then hardens to the shape of the wood ensuring a perfect fit. A one-of-a-kind setting for stones and air plants, cut flowers, a fish tank or a wine decanter, house plants, zen gardens, fish bowls or floating candles.

Bring nature inside with these absolutely beautiful natural works of art.

Please note: That due to the handmade nature of this product, there can be small imperfections in the glass such as small bubbles and light scratches.

Bowl Size:H:16cm D:16cm hight
On The Wood Stand: H:20cm (approx)

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