Vintage antique grey Garden Bench, Love Seat, Garden Furniture, patio bench, French style, farmhouse, gothic, outdoor seating, Rococo


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Designed with a stunning Edwardian symmetry, with a neat fanned backrest lending the bench an elegant, minimalist look. It combines that subtle, classic detail in the backrest with a modern stylish grey colour, making it an exciting addition to any garden. Use it to make your patio warm and welcoming, give yourself a spot to relax up the garden path, or simply place it in your favourite quiet corner of the garden and enjoy some me time.

Stylish Distressed Grey Finish

The subtle distressed finish on the grey paint gives the bench a bit of extra depth. It adds to the classic vintage look and feel of the bench, and it’s easy to really make it your own with a throw and a couple of cushions.

Large Enough for 2

Large enough to comfortably fit two people. Or you can simply relax and enjoy the peace and quiet on your own!

Folding Design

There’s no assembly required – comes fully assembled and only needs to be unboxed and unfolded. You can also fold it down flat just as easily, so it’s a breeze to store it away through the winter months.

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